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Training the Horse and Owner to Ride or Drive

Horses for Sale and Lease

I periodically offer sound and safe horses I can confidently recommend for sale.

Once a horse has gone through the basics at the farm, I evaluate where that horse would be most suitable.

Some horses are best for advanced riders or drivers, others are more suitable for families or back yards. All horses we offer for sale will be safe and enjoy the job they are in.

I may buy a horse that will be with me for a year before I find it suitable for sale. Other horses may be owned by clients that I have known for years.

 Available Horses

This section contains a brief listing of horses available for sale at Pond Farm in Andover, Vermont. 

You can find additional information and video showcases about horses for sale, and recently sold,  on our Facebook Page.

Contact Maya Dobush for further details or to arrange a visit to the farm and view horses for sale.

 You can also browse and view  videos of available and recently sold  horses on Maya Dobush's YouTube channel

Driving Pony Pair ~ Willy and Diesel

SAFE~FUN~EASY,    really what more do I have to say?  These boys won me over before I even hitched them.  They are super friendly and polite.  Their owner is hanging up her reins in her early 80's and doesn't want these very special boys being yard ornaments.  "they have touched the lives of so many and need to be out and about".  From ages 6 to 12 they were pleasure driven by her and her friends.  Parks,  parades and around the yard.  She sent them to me last winter to help her sell them and all of their equipment.  I polished them up a little and took them to two shows this spring.  One I drove in and the other by my friend who has no show experience.  

I have used the ponies for lessons and for bringing the neighbors out and about.  These geldings love the road and nothing phases them.  

The more you buy the cheaper it gets.    $8,000 for ponies.   $10k ponies, Yonnie harness and Marathon carriage.  Also up for sale is a Bennington Cart and Wooden Spindleback four wheel carriage,   also a custom pony/carriage Gore Trailer.  Everything has all the bells and whistles!  No reasonable offer refused.

Anastasia - 5 year old 3/4 Cleveland Bay 1/4 Saddlebred Cross

Anastasia - 4yr old cleveland bay saddlebred crossHomebred at Hancock Farm in East Hardwick Vermont, Anastasia is registered Part Bred with the Cleveland Bay Horse Society.  

Already at 16.1hh, this mare is bold, sensible and a real beauty.  These are fundamental qualities for a future Eventer,  Combined Driving Horse, or Jumper.  When you want to take a break from a busy schedule,  Anastasia could be a great brood mare,  continuing on the versatile rare breed.

Handled regularly from day one and out of an exceptional mare,   Anastasia will easily follow in her mother's footsteps as a riding and driving horse.  At two she had professional horsemanship training, paving the way for the road ahead.   In the fall of her third year she was sent to me to start under saddle.   I was immediately taken by her true grit work ethic and fun personality.  That's a combo you don’t always get.

"Anya"  really shines on the trails and roads.  As a rider you feel very safe  that Anya isn't looking for  a reason to spook and she is sure footed.  She is not influenced by others if she is ridden in groups.  Anya can lead or follow.  She will test your seriousness as a rider when it comes to puddles and try and go around them, although she  can easily trudge through,  she just likes to try.  For the past year,  she has been my fun riding horse.  Always up to jump on the trailer and ride new places with friends.  She is SAFE! SAFE! SAFE!

In the ring Anya will go through the motions you ask her to.  She is not a huge fan of repetition and needs it kept interesting.  She knows her leads and has a steady pace.  She has more whoa than go in the ring.


Finn - 5 year old Cleveland Bay Morgan Cross

Homebred at our farm, Finn possesses the stamina and agility of his Morgan Dam with the  good bone and very sensible demeanor passed on by his Cleveland Bay Sire. 

Finn was groomed from day one to be a driving and riding horse.  From the very beginning, he followed his mom around the ring as she gave riding lessons.  Later he was ponied by his pasture mate to learn the ropes of trail riding and traffic. 

In the winter of him being two to three he was extensively ground driven and eventually hitched to a cart.  He drove all summer around the farm and was taken out on trail rides off the farm.  In the spring of his fourth year, he competed at GMHA in training level dressage, cones and an ADT.  Following that show, he was ridden all summer and used for driving lessons.  In the fall he did a fun show under saddle. 

Finn has been ridden through the winter months down the roads and in the snowy fields.

At a very relaxed pace,  this gelding has done a lot of learning through positive experience. 

Finn is currently 15.1 hh.   

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