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Blackshadow Apparition ~ Licensed Dales Pony Society Stallion

Blackshadow Apparition AKA "Percey"

was bred by Blackshadow Dales Pony Stud in western NY.  If you are not familiar with the breed follow links for the history of the breed.  Percey is true to his breed characteristics known for it's strength, hardiness, stamina, courage, intelligence and good disposition.  Around the farm he is ridden and driven. November of 2023 we made it to our first off the farm driving competition.  The competitive drive included a road pace,  dressage and a cones course.  

 He is 14hh at the age of four years old.  Their are roughly 250 Dales in North America and fewer than 3000 world wide.  This puts them on the "critical" list by both the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in the UK and the Livestock Conservancy in the US.

Live cover only breeding starts at $1000 LFG for the 2024 season.  Mare care can be purchased by the day $25, week $150, or month $600. 


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Esprit ~ sired by Percey, mothered by Mocha

First offspring 2024