Sensible Horse Training

Training the Horse and Owner to Ride or Drive

Sensible Horse Training at Pond Farm

Maya Dobush of Pond Farm in Andover, Vermont trains many breeds of horses for riding and driving using the Sensible Horse Training method.  The goal of sensible training is for an owner to be able to ride or drive their horse competently and comfortably. This is a  natural approach to starting horses without worshipping any famous trainers.

Each horse is treated individually depending on mental and physical attributes. We also work with owners and riders  so they understand their horse better.

Ongoing relationships between Maya Dobush and horse owners may last for many years after the initial training session ends. 

Training Philosophy

We have expertise at starting horses to ride and drive and we teach owners how to train their horses and work together. Maya also cross-trains driving horses by riding dressage. By  building trust with each horse and owner, we specialize in retraining troubled horses and help owners build confidence. Whether it's getting a rider back in the saddle who may have fear or bringing back skills for those who've been away from riding for awhile, we can assist owners and riders with getting to feeling confident about riding, driving, and horse management.

Horses at Pond Farm live a good life. They  don't spend 30 days in a round pen; they get turned out and have opportunities to move and see the world around them. They learn to be road safe, they get handled daily, and they become accustomed to  working alone as well as with other horses. In the end, you get a safe horse you can ride or drive with confidence.

With 125 acres of field, woodland, trails, and riding rings, Pond Farm offers a well-rounded, safe,  natural facility for your horse.

Training Horse and Owner

Owner training in tandem with horse training is essential to success.

Contact Maya Dobush to learn more about training for horses and owners or to schedule a visit to the farm.

Pond Farm
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