Sensible Horse Training

Training the Horse and Owner to Ride or Drive

Horse Training, Owner Training

Maya Dobush trains horses and owners to ride and to drive at Pond Farm in Andover, Vermont. Services include training in riding, driving as well as boarding.

Riding Lessons, Driving Lessons

Whether you want to begin to start riding a horse or driving a horse with a carriage, we can help you learn.

New riders or drivers learn essential skills with one-on-one training with Maya Dobush, either with one of the Pond Farm horses or your own trailered-in horse.

Barn and outside view stalls at Pond Farm Andover, VT


We have a comfortable barn and pasture available for boarding at Pond Farm. The stalls range in size from 10ft x12ft down to 10ft x10ft.

The outside viewing stalls have proven to be a great success for nervous horses who need to know what is going on. The stalls give your horse a break from the sun and wind with great ventilation.

Horses can have private paddocks or be matched up with compatible pasture mates.

Basic Rates

$65 hour lesson with my horse,  $50 per hour if you trailer in your own horse.

$100 per day for short term training (example: long weekends with board) 

$1200 per month full training board.

Visit Us

Take a virtual visit to Pond Farm through our video and photo galleries or call to schedule a day and time to meet us and tour the farm's fields, trails, barn, ring, and paddock areas

Our physical GPS location is at 77WW+MQ Andover, Vermont

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Pond Farm
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